SSVN Public School, Bangalore

SSVN Public School is dedicated to the development of each student’s potential in a positive environment. The school is an integrated community of parents, teachers and children from all over the country.

Reach Out. Reach High. Reach Beyond.

SSVN Public School values academic excellence besides promoting creative, social and emotional facets of child development within a supportive and warm setting. This fulfils the objective of facilitating holistic learning. SSVN Public School provides a superior instructional method in the various disciplines to students of intellectual diversity and varied cultural backgrounds.

  • To provide a strong, academic focus and foundation that will enable students to face challenges posed by any academic programme of higher learning.
  • To impart superior instruction that meets the highest standards in various disciplines both at home and overseas.
  • To provide a wide array of opportunities for the development of multidimensional personality of each student.
  • To improve the school’s curriculum and instructional methods, to keep pace with advances in the scientific and technological world.
  • To provide students of intellectual diversity and varied cultural backgrounds, a warm and supportive environment to pursue academics with a sense of direction and purpose and help them discover their hidden talent.
  • To nurture and foster an ethos of work culture that includes diligence, self-discipline and accountability.
  • To create in students an awareness of current trends in order to inculcate an interest in varied fields.
  • To provide infrastructure, organizational support and opportunities to help realize their potential.
  • To foster in students’ civic sense and a spirit of responsibility to the local and the global community.
  • To forge a symbiotic partnership between the parents and the school community to strengthen the foundations required for the students’ success and progress.

A word to students

You forfeit your chance for life at its fullest when you withhold your best efforts in learning. When you give the minimum to learning, you receive only the minimum in return. Despite best examples of your parents and unique efforts of teachers, eventually it is your work that determines how much and how well you learn. When you work to your full capacity, you can attain the knowledge and skill to create your future and control your destiny. Else, you will have your future thrust upon you by others. You must take control of your life, apply your talent and work with dedication and self-discipline. You should aim high, dream big and have high expectations of yourself. Convert every challenge into an opportunity.

You must reach out and reach high in order to reach beyond…