From the Principal’s Desk

From the Principal’s Desk

SSVN was created with an objective of providing an outstanding 360-degree education in character building, leadership, co-curricular activities along with academics. A strong dedicated and capable team of educators have become the driving force for the growth of the school. The school continues its objective of serving the cause of rural children.

As we set foot into the 5th year of functioning, the journey that is laced beautifully with triumphs would not have been possible without you-our Parents, whom I wish to thank in all humility for showering your generosity in time, talent and resources. Thank you for constantly supporting us in every step and reposing your confidence. I speak for the entire team of S S V N when I say that we would not have accomplished what we did without your help. I deeply cherish the revered bond we have formed with you over the years. Thank you for trusting us with the future of your children; to mold and sculpt their minds, enrich their souls and ignite the spark of life-long learning in them!

We also dedicate this coveted honor to all our students for displaying exceptional hard work in the pursuit of excellence. By achieving honors and distinctions not just in academics, but also in allied arenas of Art, creativity, sports and other co-curricular activities, their dedication and respect makes me proud.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of our dedicated faculty and staff, who by working round the clock have kept your school at the zenith of success.

As it is rightly said “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement”, we are committed to taking constructive and purposeful actions to produce optimistic, independent, compassionate citizens and leaders who will bring glory to the school, state and Nation.