Dr. Karajagi's Message

Dr. Gururaj Karajagi


My Dear Students,

Have you ever wondered what is it, which makes some one highly successful in his/her life despite being handicapped with numerous impediments and why many others even with all the resources languish in failure? 

What is it that distinguishes Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Sir C.V.Raman and Abraham Lincoln from others? They may share many qualities but the one trait, which all such great personalities possess in abundance, is their incessant drive to pursue their goals relentlessly. 

They possess untiring zeal and work passionately for their goals. Hard work cannot sap their energies and failures cannot put them down. Even at the height of difficulties while others give up their efforts, they simply speed up. 

Once, a young boy went to a palmist. The palmist while observing his fate lines was amazed and remarked, “If only you had one more line in the middle of your right palm, you would have become an emperor. The boy looked at the palmist and without wasting his time immediately picked up the knife and marked that line on his palm. 

With unyielding determination on his face and hand soaked in blood and he looked at the palmist and asked, “What other lines do I need to become an emperor?” The palmist stood speechless, aghast at this act bowed his head to the boy and said, “With this passionate determination, no one can ever stop you from realizing your ambition”.  

The boy grew up as Alexander the Great and was acclaimed as the greatest emperor. 

Now it is the passion and the fire in the belly, which propels a person continue against all odds. All great discoveries and inventions in the world were done by the people who were obsessed about their work. No matter how intelligent or resourceful you may be but if you don’t possess passionate yearning and single-minded pursuit for your goals, you are unlikely to scale the great heights of life. 


Human potential is truly unlimited, one can work 8 hours a day and get tired and one can even work 18 hours a day yet remain fresh and energetic. No one is ever exhausted by working hard; its only when we don’t enjoy what we are doing drains our energy. Seek enjoyment in your studies. It is fulfilling and satisfying experience if done whole-heartedly. 

Focus your mind on the goal and pursue it relentlessly. It is much closer to you than you think.

May God bless you.

Dr. Gururaj Karajagi


Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT),